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Branding a Small Business, and Owners guide.

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Building your Brand

As a small business owner, you are tasked with creating a brand that makes a lasting, positive impression on customers. It's the best way to build customer loyalty and make a name for yourself in your industry. If you're not sure where to start, this brief guide can help you build your brand from the ground up.

What is Branding? 

A brand is the total of all the concepts, products, and impressions that define your company and you, the owner. Research shows that if you intend to be the face of your company, you need a personal brand to define your intentions as a business owner. Some basic concepts of a personal and company brand include your values, tone, promise, mission, and identity. Additionally, you need a visual brand. For example, your logo, including font and imagery, becomes a visual identifier for customers. 

What Does Branding Do for the Customer Experience?

The product or service you provide should match the experience your customers have when working with your company. For example, if you sell personalized art, does your website appear creative? Do you speak directly to each customer to get a better understanding of what they want from the piece they order? Do you offer something special, such as a unique type of material, that makes you stand out in your industry? Your goal is to create an experience that makes customers think of you anytime they need the product or service that you offer. 

How Do You Reach Your Target Demographic?

Finding your target audience and market is a vital step in branding and building a business. It starts with research. First, are you looking for groups with a particular interest or intention? Use Google Analytics to help you collect data, such as the content your audience reacts to online. Once you know your audience, you can target them in a marketing campaign. Work with digital marketing professionals if the process is too complex. 

What Can You Do Yourself?

There are parts of the visual brand you can create for yourself. For example, you can DIY a logo or banner for your website and social media pages that make your brand stand out so that customers remember you. Use an online banner creator and include the text, font, colors, and images that you consistently use across all your visual branding efforts. You can even include a video or some type of animation in the banner to make it stand out online. 

When Do You Need a Professional Marketing Team?

Unless you are a marketing professional, you will struggle with the nuances of concepts such as inbound content marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation, website development and design, and social media management. You can certainly manage your own social media page, but do you know how to engage with people online in a meaningful way? Can you create strong ads and direct them to your target audience? 

Your website is also extremely important. It is your first chance to make a lasting impression. Talk to DNA Digital Marketing about what you want from your webpage

Now you have an idea of what you need to create your brand. Take this information and tweak it to fit your company and the experience you want for your customers. As long as you always prioritize the customer experience, you'll find success.

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