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We are going to be looking into the trends and topics within
Digital Marketing that are important to the business owner or the marketer.

SEO, Local SEo and everything to do with inbound content marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), both global and local, will factor front and center in much of what we talk about here. It is the root of everything. If you can't be found online, then you don't exist (online). We’ll discuss simple things you can do to be sure that search engines (Google, Bing and many others) can find you, as well as explaining some of the more complicated topics about SEO that you might need an expert to help you with.

We'll delve into the impact that "Voice Search" is beginning to have on companies who are not prepared for it; how they can help themselves; and what they need to do to catch up. 

Video continues to be important to engagement and discovery. That trend is growing at a fast clip and those brands that use video well will likely out-compete their peers in the marketplace. 

Email marketing, pay-per-click ( PPC), social media management, content creation, inbound marketing, website development, mobile marketing, SMS (short message service), marketing automation, and the art & science of lead generation are just a few of the topics we have discussed or will write about here. 

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There is a lot to discover and we hope you join us for the journey!