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A Guide for Small Business Owners Building a Brand

In Digital marketing, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Social Media by Dean Burgess

Building a BrandAs a small business owner, you are tasked with creating a brand that makes a lasting, positive impression on customers. It’s the best way to build customer loyalty …

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5 SEO Trends of 2022

In Inbound Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Voice Search by Julio Ahumada

What to expect 2022 If there’s one thing constant about SEO, it’s that SEO is always changing. In order to maintain your digital market share, you need to monitor and adjust …

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Local SEO is More Important Than Ever If You Are a Small Business

In Digital marketing, Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Search Engine Optimization by Julio Ahumada

If you are a small business competing with national brands on a tight budget, local SEO can become your most powerful marketing weapon.Getting found with local SEO will improve your …

The Familiar is what we need

In Digital marketing by Julio Ahumada

The Familiar is what we need right now. OK, by now we all know the drill. We are all under the same challenge, the same pressure, the same lock down, …

What is SEO?

In Digital marketing, Inbound Content Marketing by Julio Ahumada

SEO (search engine optimization) is system of organizing and categorizing, coding and presenting your “data” (website, links, metadata, and more) in order to rank higher in search engine results. Good …

DNA Mission Statement

In Quote by Julio Ahumada

What is DNA Digital Marketing? Our goal is to create a partnership that will provide the highest levels of digital marketing services to our clients. By leveraging our own competencies …