DNA Mission Statement

In Quote by Julio Ahumada

The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.


What is DNA Digital Marketing?

Our goal is to create a partnership that will provide the highest levels of digital marketing services to our clients. By leveraging our own competencies to solve the riddle of revenue growth for our customers, it is a key component to our self fulfillment. It is the basis of the “Why” we do this. We are passionate about winning through our customer’s successes. 

DNA Digital Marketing is about creating a digital presence for our clients that will leverage their core competencies and attract prospects who value those competencies in a profitable manner. We help companies get discovered by the individuals who are looking for the solutions they offer. At DNA Digital Marketing, we are feverishly dedicated to our clients and their revenue goals. We are constantly testing new methods, learning new tools and implementing processes that are focused on igniting and accelerating our client’s revenue goals.

We value our time as we value the time of our clients.

We will not devalue our offering to make the sale. In fact we look for a good overall fit – partnership/relationship with a potential prospect. Not any company can be our client.

We strive to do business in an ethical manner. We have a code of honor.

We are individuals with integrity. We do what we say we will do and if somehow we fail to do that, we will own up to it. We are accountable.

We are individuals with families. Work is very important to us however our families are at our core as humans, it is what keeps us centered. We believe an ongoing and shifting work/life balance is possible. By being prepared and through honest communication with one another and the stakeholders involved.