How DNA Digital Marketing Leverages LSI

In News, SEO Search Engine Optimization by Julio Ahumada

Leveraging LSI Keywords

We work at leveraging LSI keywords (latent semantic indexing) that are related to the core keywords related to the topic your page is about. They don’t just include synonyms but other words that often occur when a certain topic is written about that put the focus in context.

A good way of thinking about it is if your website talks about Apple. How does a search engine know if the website is talking about the computer company or the fruit? Search engines have been developed to actively seek these LSI keywords to better determine the context and relevance of the query. To verify a proper match.

Google is maniacally working to get the most relevant content with the highest quality authority. If the site has a higher domain authority because of good backlinks to other sites, it wins in the delivered search results. It is more than just packing keywords into your content but to create it that content with a relevant and natural manor. Google will see most ham fisted attempts to just pouring trending keywords into your content just to show up in a search. Google knows all, almost. 

Keyword matching but more of a topical match to the query. That means Google

Is trying to understand the meaning of the website or webpage instead of just matching the keywords. DNA Digital Marketing enjoys a high level of effectiveness when it comes to this level of SEO. That is our primary consideration when creating content