TikTok’s Moment Part 2 the Ukrainian Offensive.

In Digital marketing by Julio Ahumada

Back in February of this year I reported on how TikTok was fast becoming more than just a fun app, but one where news and propaganda can be almost instantaneously fed into our social media streams. Now with the Ukrainians in their masterful offensive in the east, TikTok is really the only place to view first hand what the Ukrainian troops are doing. You see scene after scene of liberated Ukrainians dancing in the streets, hugging Ukrainian soldiers as they march past destroyed Russian military equipment. Reminds me of the newsreel footage of American troops liberating France in WWII. It is emotional to see. The Ukrainian troops are heroic, stoic and full of dark humor. Just the way we Americans like it. Their rapid advance in recapturing the Donbas region is extraordinary. With every new TikTok post there is a deeper human connection with the Ukrainians. From the rough cut from the soldiers themselves or the more polished very propaganda minded pieces that make you want to learn Ukrainian. This is TikTok’s moment and lucky for the west, their moment is on full display.