4 Ways DNA Digital Marketing will Work for
Your Small/Medium Business

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  • Audit and Assessment
  • Direction and Strategic Plan  (DIY)
  • Plan Execution and Support
  • The Whole 9 Yards
If you find the thought of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency a little intimidating - You've come to the right place.

Working with DNA Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” situation.
We have a range of offerings, designed to align with our clients’ needs. 

Digital Marketing services, digital marketing in Rochester NY,

• Do you want to know where you stand (or where you should start) in the digital world?

     • What’s working and what’s NOT working?
     • Interested in supercharging your marketing department with augmenting with trustworthy effective marketers.
     • Looking for a virtual marketing dept. to act on your behalf.

We can handle all aspects of your digital marketing – SEO, Social Media, Ad Buying, Content Creation, Video Production and Website Development/Maintenance? We can do that, too. And more in between.

Here’s how we break it down:

1 Audit & Assessment DNA will conduct a thorough audit of your digital presence and the competitive landscape. We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your current status. We deliver results that expose any gaps (that you should fix) and highlight where you’re doing well (do more of that!). Maybe you have a beautiful new website, but the SEO behind the scenes is broken, no one is getting to see that beautiful website! With our Audit & Assessment, we gather the data and analyze it. After all, you need to know where you are starting from in order to get where you want to go. .

2Direction and Strategic Plan (DIY)
When your Audit & Assessment has been completed, you’ll know where you stand. The next step is figuring out how to get to where you want to go. DNA will work with you to develop a roadmap for the journey; the specific path depends on your priorities. We deliver a “Do-It-Yourself” plan for reaching your goals. You can use internal resources you already have and work at your own pace. Or hire us for some or all of the deliverables in the plan. It is always your call.

3 Plan Execution and Support (DFY)
This is the “Done-For-You” option. After the Audit & Assessment and Strategic Plan, it’s time to execute! DNA will do the work that you don’t want to do yourself, acting as your marketing services provider. Maybe you already have someone writing blog posts and handling Social Media, but want to hand off Email Marketing. Maybe you need extra bandwidth for a one-time marketing campaign. We can fill the gaps with as many (or as few) services as you need, whenever you need us.

4The Whole 9 Yards Too busy to worry about digital marketing? DNA can handle everything for you ‒ SEO, Social Media Management, Ad Buying, Content Creation, Video Production, Website Maintenance, Marketing Automation, Surveys, Podcasts and more. We are data-driven strategists, consultants, and creatives, who work together to deliver quantifiable results. Our award-winning team is committed, creative, and capable. And we’re pretty fun people, too! We’d love an opportunity to earn your business. Give us a call to get started!