We are DNA Digital Marketing.
A Creative Digital Marketing Agency for Smart Businesses.

Our mission is to drive qualified leads to the doorstep of your sales department. We aim to push the marketing function so far down the marketing funnel, that there will be no difference between a marketing qualified lead and a sales qualified lead. It will plainly be a lead that is ready to buy.
Bridging the gap between marketing and sales is what we do.

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Digital Marketing that Delivers!

We focus on growing your sales funnel with qualified sales prospects. There is no better or cost effective method to do that other than digital marketing. We're good at it and we want you profit from our expertise.

Digital Marketing encompasses several important disciplines to focused on acquiring clients.  It is measurable, it can be defined and its cost effective when done properly. 

Leveraging your core competency and matching it with the ideal customer. We help find the best path to connecting that unique value you offer to the customers who value it. Like a magnet, we pull in buyers to your site so they can buy what you are selling.

Creating the content that brings value to your prospects, leading them to you. Creating pre-qualified leads that turn into sales. It speeds the sales cycle, makes sales your staff happy and your revenue grow faster.

Producing informing, curiosity satisfying and captivating content on social media. Connecting our clients with their new fans and potential customers. Igniting engagement delight within present use customers, inspiring loyalty and referrals.


Target Marketing of your audience
Marketing Automation resellers of SharpSpring marketing automation
Lead Generation - revenue growth
Local SEO & SEO
SMS Messaging to mobile

Interested in Marketing Automation but not very sure of all the jargon? Don't worry about it.
We have you covered with Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation.

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DNA Digital Marketing is a Marketing Partner of SharpSpring, a Premier Marketing Automation Platform. We resell the marketing automation services with no long contracts, No hidden fees, Month-to-Month.
Highly customizable - highly capable - highly comparable to well known marketing automation solutions such as Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot and Act-On.

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