We are DNA Digital Marketing

Our mission is to grow our client's business - plain and simple.
We are passionate about what we do and are mindful of the responsibility we have to our clients. Everyday our team at DNA is in a hot pursuit of excellence.
Always learning, bringing on new tools, techniques and partners to get the job done right. We hope to be able to help your business grow.

Julio Ahumada photo

Julio M. Ahumada MBA

Digital Marketing Strategist/Partner

Karen Bradbury photo

Karen Bradbury

Creative Director/Overlord/Partner

Eileen Bradbury photo

Eileen Legler

Lead Gen Master/Partner


Design that is as frictionless as possible for our client's audience.
Creating content designed to bring prospects to you.
Generating pre-qualified leads that turn into sales.


Leveraging your competency and finding the best path to connecting that with customers who value it.


Optimizing virtually every digital tool available
to connect our clients with buyers.


Connecting our clients with new fans and potential customers. Igniting delight within present use customers fermenting loyalty and referrals.

How we work

1 We start with a marketing audit. We map out the terrain. What that means we dive deep into your company's presence. What have you been doing, who have you been selling to, who should you be selling to and what are the numbers. We look for opportunities in every recess of your firm's value proposition. We create a 3 dimensional buyer persona that depicts what your ideal customers look, act and behave like. That is when the magic happens.

2Based on what we find in the marketing audit, we collaborate with you to decide what direction your company needs to go in order to maximize revenue growth. That is what it is all about, and why you have hired DNA in the first place. Our goal is to identify and attract prospects who will become customers who value your core competencies and your offering.

3 We create a framework and process that is scalable and repeatable, time and time again. We take what we have learned and the direction that we have decided to go in and we drive the marketing function as far as possible. We drive it right into the sales department's open arms. Not a marketing qualified lead, not a sales lead but something new.

We bridge that infamous age old gap between sales and marketing to create something more 21st century. A fully qualified lead. This is why we are often referred by the sales people we have worked with. We enable the sales cycle to speed up, that makes more money for the company & sales love making more sales.

Charities and things we care about

We feel like we have been very blessed. Indeed we have been. We live in a great zip code called the USA and we don't have to worry about violence like trafficked teens left on the street, or hunger or if we'll have a place to stay for the night. We have never felt ostracized for having a facial deformity like a facial cleft. We at DNA are not any special group of people. We have bills just like you, but we've made a choice. We don't have the latest car, or eat out all the time ( we love to eat out all the time). We can make do with what we have. By doing that we can funnel a little here and a little bit there. I can't stress it enough how much our money is better spent. We feel better that we participated in the making of our future. Maybe you might consider finding your own cause or maybe you could check these out. Just click on the logo and it will take you to the charities website where you can learn more.

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