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DNA Digital Marketing is dedicated to growing the revenue of our clients by using a growing portfolio of digital marketing tools.

Inbound Marketing

In the 21st Century, people have the  power to find what they are looking for. Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts new customers to your website with valuable content and experiences tailored to their search. People do not want to be interrupted with messages that they were not interested in. Inbound marketing on the other hand provides answers to queries. It helps satisfy a person's interests and lets the seeker be found by you. We love this part: Inbound Marketing has a higher ROI than outbound techniques. Talk to us at DNA Digital Marketing on how inbound marketing can grow your revenue today.

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SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

If a search engine does not see your website, you virtually do not exist. Understanding your ideal prospect & customer and the different ways they maybe looking for your goods or services is a fundamental tenet of SEO Strategy and we at DNA Digital Marketing excel at it. We delve deep into the keyword treasure trove that is relevant to your industry and business. Using the most sophisticated and up-to-date tools available to tease out those keywords that will bring in your prospects. Creating the right kind of content that will show up on your prospect's radar as if it were a beacon. We would be happy to talk to you about how we can grow your revenue with SEO.

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Technical SEOMaking it easy for Google

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Technical SEO

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Local SEO 

Up to 70% of webtraffic occurs on a mobile device and it is from people who are 58% ready to buy soemthing local. If you are not opptimized for Local SEO you are probably leaving money on the table. Money your competition is getting. Talk to us about our Local SEO program and hwo we can help more local money find its way into your pocket. 

More of what we do

We are a modern full stack digital marketing agency with core competencies in video production, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Email Marketing, Mobile SMS, Marketing Automation we are a Sharpspring Partner, GEO Targeting, Content marketing, and of course Copywriting.