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Four Reasons to Use DNA Digital for Video Marketing

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Tools, Talent, Experience, Expertise – What You Need to Succeed
We’ve spent some time blogging about the importance of video in your digital marketing strategy –  tips, techniques, and trends. 
We haven’t spent much time telling you why we are so passionate about video.  Guess what? Here it comes!

Our founder, Julio Ahumada has a long and storied history in this space. He’s a humble guy, but I got him to give up news on some of the awards he’s won: “several national awards that include C-TAM marketing ad campaigns, Telly Awards Gold and Silver, NPPA Awards 1st place, C-Tam, Beacon Award for documentary, The Froggy Award – Warner Bros. Television  and the Cable Ace Award.” 

He started as a news photographer, then moved to television producer with more than 1,000 TV commercials to his credit. In short, he knows what he’s doing!

Research shows that over 75% of companies hire a marketing/advertising agency to create their videos, but those agencies ‘outsource’ video production more than 60% of the time…

Is that bad?  – It could be…

We’ve all played the ‘telephone game’ as kids –  where the first person comes up with a phrase and then whispers it to the second person in a chain, right? By the time the phrase gets to the end of the chain, it has totally transformed!!  Like the ‘misheard lyrics’ – “‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy” or “There’s a bathroom on the right…” 

It’s funny in that context, but NOT FUNNY if the agency you hired doesn’t understand your business, your personality, your ‘voice’ – and then hires ANOTHER company to make the video! Granted, they may create a great video, but if it doesn’t fit your business, you’ve wasted money and possibly alienated current or future customers.

The “Why should you consider DNA” comes down to this – we’ve won the awards, we’ve been successfully supporting our clients for decades. We’re also wired in to the cutting edge strategy and technology that is vital to your business’s survival in today’s world. But more than that – we’ll make the videos that sound like YOU! 

We never outsource video production.  We encourage your input – in fact, we demand it! When you sign on with DNA Digital Marketing, your contribution is vital.  The success of our clients is dependent on teamwork, and we’re really great at that!

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