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Voice Search – What Every Website Owner Needs To Know

In Digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Voice Search by Julio Ahumada

There is no doubt that the technology and the ways people use and access the Internet is nothing like it used to be even a few short years ago. 

According to recent research conducted by Pew Research, 96% of Americans own a cell phone, with roughly 81% owning a Smartphone. In comparison, a mere 35% of Americans owned a Smartphone in 2011, when Pew first began gathering data on Smartphone ownership.

People have easily adapted to using voice for voice-assisted tasks, including conducting internet searches, once their smartphones were equipped with microphones, speakers, maps, apps, and internet access.

And the introduction of Smart Speakers and other voice-activated technology, including Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod also helped establish the switch to voice search for many consumers.

How Fast Is Voice Search Growing?

The short answer to this question is “quickly.”

According to reports at ComScore, nearly 50% of all searches are conducted by voice already. Smartphones and Smart Speakers serve as people’s faithful virtual assistants, answering questions, and even giving reminders.

Many users place their smart speakers in highly accessible places in their homes. It isn’t uncommon to find smart devices in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and other areas of the house where having a voice assistant nearby make sense. (In times when a Smart Speaker isn’t available, a Smartphone can pick up the slack to answer questions or uncover information.)

Gartner Group forecasts that by 2020, 30% of all Internet searches won’t be conducted while in front of a screen.

How Is Voice Search Changing Web Search Dynamics?

Voice search up-ends the way search results are returned. There is only one result, which ideally would be the best answer for the question being asked. When there are thousands of possible best results to choose from in every category and niche, it creates a highly competitive environment to win over these vaunted results.

How Does Voice Search Impact Web Design And SEO?

There is a considerable difference in the way people search when using voice and traditional online searches. Searches done by voice tend to be more conversational and include more words. On the contrary, queries that are typed tend to be much shorter, containing only a couple of words.

Nearly 22% of voice search seeks local content.

It’s essential to concentrate on using optimization tactics to achieve higher status and recognition as a trusted provider in whatever product or service you’re providing to the public.

These tactics could include using common phrases and words people would use to describe or find you. Zipcodes, city or neighborhood names all help to pinpoint and direct clients and customers to your door.

Essential search engine optimization approaches – using intelligent title tags, detailed meta descriptions, and smart internal linking with formatted anchor text – remain a best practice. SEO offers the best opportunity for ranking in mobile search, voice-assisted search, and traditional search.

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